I wished that God would hear my prayer, as I cried day after day

just make my baby 'normal', like other kids at play.

She was tiny, sweet and lovely, that New baby that I had,

now the mom of two little girls, my heart was really glad.

I wished for wealth to show them off, to everyone I knew,

I wished to teach them how to say and do the things we do.

But early on the one excelled, the other lagged behind,

"Don't push so hard," the doctor said, his voice so wise and kind.

I wished someone would understand that something was not right.

Time was not kind, it finally told, that one was not as bright.

We pushed ahead and did every thing, we felt that we could do

to make our lives seem normal and make our dreams come true.

I wished things had been different, as the years were not so kind.

One went on to college, the other was left behind.

We made a life where she could fit, among her likened peers,

But watching such a painful life, caused many aches and tears.

I wished she could be 'normal,' a word hard to define,

for who would want a sweeter child, so warm and good and kind.

It seemed her life was lacking, but only to those around,

I doubt she ever knew or cared, that she didn't gain new ground.

I wished each time we visited, that a miracle would come at last,

and we could bring her home with us and forget about the past.

That all troubles would be over, and our lives begun anew

I didn't think too far ahead of what He'd really do.

My wish to make her 'normal,' was granted when she died.

God took her back to care for her and left us in surprise.

"Be Careful what you wish for," when on your knees you pray.

Your wish just might be granted.... but He does things His way!

by slm in memory of Jo Jo (1963-1998)
on her 36th birthday 9/13/99
Sylvia Lynch Matthews
Sisters - Nanci and Jo Michelle