Hair Hair Hair !!  - or - Fixing the Picture
It started out simply enough. I liked a picture of Danny and me - but my hair was blown and unruly. So - I emailed the
picture to Bobby, our son, and asked him to fix the fly-away hair.  Below is the original picture I sent Bobby.
BOBBY said tried to fix my hair.  He emailed, "Ok Mom, I tried really hard and it got a little worse. I’m
sorry. For some reason Dad’s poofed up also. I will fix it for you! Bobby"

Below is his first result:
OOPS! The fly-away hair got worse!!! And Danny's hair is flying a little too!
ATTEMPT #2 - Kind of cute, but not my hair!!!
in reality - we can see why!!  You know I wore my hair kind of like this in the
1970s.  Not my best style......