These are some more of Danny's cousins that he got to know better while researching the family. For
nineteen years I delivered the mail on Rural Route 7 in the Mount Hermon community of Pittsylvania County,
Virginia. Norman, Elsie, Myrtle and Mary Elizabeth all lived on that route.  Myrtle and Mary Elizabeth Hardy
lived down a dirt farm road in the old family house. One day my mail car broke down and I went to their house
to make a phone call - this was before cell phones.  Perched on my head when I left their house was a knit
cap that the sisters insisted I wear due to the cold.  Norman Hardy always had a friendly wave and smile - I
saw him a lot since his driveway was a turnaround place on the route. Elsie Hardy Durham used to come out
to the mail car real often. She always had an encouraging word and a smile - such a wonderful lady. As more
and more houses were built, it became more like the city so I changed routes. It was a hard decision because
there were so many nice people on the first route, but I have fond memories.
(---Nancye Ricketts)

Below are the descendants of James Henry Ricketts.

James Henry Ricketts (1859 - Aug. 11, 1940) was the son of Reuben B. Ricketts and Jane
Richardson.  He married Sallie E. Brightwell (1863-March 13, 1937), the daughter of Johnny and
Mary Jane Brightwell, on December 28, 1886. They had at least three children:

1. Claude Lee Ricketts was born September 29, 1887 and died on December 1, 1935, and  
never married.

2. Mary Jane Ricketts was born April 19, 1899, and died July 6, 1968. In 1912 she married
Oscar R. Hardy. They had six children:
a.   Norman Linwood Hardy was born August 21, 1924.
b.   Raymond A. Hardy was born in 1923 and died on January 5, 1945 in Belgium (World
       War II).
c.   Rev. Oscar R. "Bud" Hardy, Jr., was born August 18, 1926.
d.   Elsie Lillian Hardy Durham was born October 12, 1919. She married Jesse Woodrow
e.   Myrtle Louise Hardy was born on July 31, 1917 and died March 26, 1981.
f.    Mary Elizabeth Hardy was born on October 26, 1914.

3.  William Bennett Ricketts was born May 29, 1903 and died August 31, 1959. He married
Annie Nichols.

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