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Lucy Van Ricketts
Lucy Van Ricketts was born March 22, 1907, the daughter of Charlie Edward Ricketts and Lucy
James (Mills) Ricketts. She married Samson Brown.

Lucy and Samson Brown had one child: Doris Brown.  Lucy became sick with tuberculosis and died
while still young.  Her daughter Doris grew up and married Al Alexander and they lived in Ohio.  Doris
and Al had one child: Ricky Alexander.

Doris (Brown) Alexander was a friendly person who, with her husband, sent out family newsletters.  We
first heard about Lucy Mills Ricketts diary from Doris, who had received it from our Aunt Thelma*.  Part
of the diary that is called "
A Sketch of My Life" is included on this website.

Thelma Ricketts Hodges
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Lucy (Ricketts) Brown, Samson Brown, and their daughter Doris