Thelma Ricketts
Thelma Ricketts was born in 1913. Her parents were Charlie Edward Ricketts and Lucy James
(Mills) Ricketts.  Thelma's first marriage to Russell Matthews ended in divorce.  

She later married James F. Hodges, Jr. and they moved to Ocala, Florida.  Thelma said that
when they moved there in the 1940s, there was only one traffic light and they opened a
restaurant near the intersection.  They invested money in rental property and accumulated more
than one hundred houses.  When the rent paid for the houses, they sold them and bought more.  

Thelma didn’t like spending money on herself.  When we visited her in Florida around 1986,
James was very sick.  They lived in a small house, drove a 59 Ford, and Thelma washed her
clothes in a sink.  

Shortly before she died, Thelma gave to our cousin Doris Brown of Ohio (daughter of Lucy
Ricketts Brown) the wonderful diary which was kept by Lucy Mills Ricketts.  

The “
Sketch of My Life," which is a part of the diary, is on this website.   
If you are a part of Thelma Ricketts' family  and would like to have

Thelma Ricketts and Uncle Willie Ricketts, who was a Danville police
officer in the 1920s before he moved to Lynchburg, Virginia
Legacy of Reuben & Marie