Robert Allen "Bobby" Ricketts
Bobby Ricketts with his wife Kim and son Joey in 2007
Robert Allen Ricketts was born in 1971, the son of
Ricketts of Danville, Virginia.  He married
Kimberley and they have one child: Joey Ricke
They live in Forest, Virginia.
Bobby Ricketts at 7 weeks old
Bobby & Kim are standing outside their house next to Norfolk Naval Air Station at Ocean View.
Bobby - about one year old
Paul, JoAnn, and Bobby Ricketts with the family dogs at Sandy River, on our farm at
Soapstone in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Bobby Ricketts - about age 10
Bobby with his son Joey, who was just born.  
He is our first grandson and we were crazy
grandparents for quite awhile.
Kim & Bobby Ricketts with son Joey - 1996
Joey Ricketts at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington

Right:  Scout Joey

Right: Paul and Bobby at Oregon Inlet
on the Outer Banks of North Carolina
White water rafting in West Virginia - Bobby Ricketts (bottom right)
and boys from his Boy Scout troop
Above: Bobby, his Dad & Mom -  1998

Left:  Bobby and his Dad, Danny Ricketts in 2007
Joey and cousin Sylvia in Arkansas
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