JoAnn Ricketts
Ryan, Jo holding Attie, Kevin holding Lukie
JoAnn Ricketts was born in 1969, the daughter of
Robert "Danny" Ricketts and Nancye Ricketts. She is
married to Kevin.  Jo stays busy with three sons: Ryan,
Lucas and Atticus.
Little Cody lives in Heaven.
JoAnn with her dad Danny Ricketts in 1970
One of our favorite pictures of JoAnn
Her Grandmother Ruby Barbour took this cute
picture of Jo with ponytails.
That must have been a really good TV show!  Danny
and daughter JoAnn eat popcorn and keep their eyes
glued to the set.
JO at age 9 in 1978
Jo at age 14 in 1983
Jo and Bobby with their aunt Joy Barbour in front of
The Heritage Shop, an antique shop we used to run
on 29 north in Danville, Virginia
Granny Marie Ricketts and little JoAnn Ricketts
Below: Jo with her mom Nancye Ricketts
and younger brother Paul
Jo with her son Ryan and her dad Danny Ricketts
Ryan helps Grandpa with the books
Lucas loves to play the keyboard.
Jo with youngest son Attie - 2007
Ryan, Kevin, Jo and Lucas (before Attie arrived)
RIGHT:  Attie and Grandpa Danny Ricketts
Jo and Kevin
Ryan, Kevin and Lucas greet the new baby Atticus
Lucas wearing Grandpa's garden hat
Attie and Lukie in 2007
Ryan about 1997
Danny, Nancye holding Attie, Kevin holding Lucas, Jo