Marion Garnett Ricketts
Marion Garnett Ricketts was born in 1926, the daughter of Reuben Edward Ricketts and Annie Marie (Jones)
Ricketts.  She married Willie Lewis and they lived for many years in South Boston, Virginia. After Willie died,
Marion moved back to Danville, Virginia.  Marion later married Herman Cook.
Marion Garnett Ricketts
Little Marion
The Ricketts kids on the farm: Idella holds Elaine, Ray
hides in tobacco plant, and Marion pets the family dog
Idella and Marion Ricketts
1943 - Marion at 17 and her little brother Danny Ricketts. Their nIece Sylvia is in the baby basinette.
Reuben & Marie Ricketts and their children - Ray, Danny, Marion,
Elaine & Idella; and their first grandchild Sylvia
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Legacy of Reuben & Marie
Marion and first husband Willie Lewis camped at our farm.
(Clockwise) Marion, Nancye, Willie, JoAnn, Bobby, Paul
Marion was fifteen years old when little brother Danny was
born and she was always like a second mother to him.
Marion's first husband WILLIE LEWIS
Willie Lewis in World War II
Nancye Ricketts, Marion Lewis Cook, Idella Lynch
Herman and Marion Cook - Marion's second husband