Nathaniel Ricketts (b.1795)
Nathaniel Ricketts was born in 1795, to William Ricketts (d.1832) and his second wife Nancy
daughter of Ralph Dodson. They had at least five children:

    1.        John W. Ricketts (born 1823) married Sarah "Sally" Jennings, daughter of Obediah
                 and Sarah Jennings on March 14, 1851. They had at least four children:
                   a.   J. W. Ricketts
                   b.   Mary Ricketts
                   c.   Sally Ricketts
                   d.   Edward Bennett Ricketts (1873-1946) Harold & Paul Ricketts' father.

    2.        Lucy Ricketts

    3.        Reuben B. Ricketts (born 1830) (My great grandfather)

    4.        Jamerson Ricketts (born 1832)

    5.        Elizabeth Ricketts (born 1838)

Shortly after the death of his father in 1832, Nathaniel Ricketts signed a Deed of Trust against the
family land. In 1833, the land was sold at public auction to recover the $37.90 debt owed to Robert
Wilson of Dan’s Hill (Yes - that's thirty seven dollars and ninety cents). For a long time afterwards, the
Ricketts of Pittsylvania County, Virginia owned no land.

Nathaniel Ricketts is listed as a shoemaker at Spring Garden (in Pittsylvania County) in the 1850

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