Paul Daniel Ricketts
Rebecca, Paul and their sons Sammy and Caleb
Paul Daniel Ricketts was born in 1973, the son of Robert "Danny" Ricketts and Nancye
Ricketts. He married  Rebecca from Colorado and they have two sons: Caleb and Samuel. Paul
and Rebecca met when they both attended
Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow (Tulsa),
Oklahoma. After living in Florida and Virginia, they settled down in Oklahoma.
Paul Ricketts
Paul and the new bike
Paul loved that Mister Magoo shirt.
Paul, his brother Bobby, and sister JoAnn
Paul is usually smiling, but these two
pictures (above and right) capture a
little different mood.
Paul, Bobby, mom Nancye and JoAnn - We made a lot of trips on that old station wagon.
We could put a big mattress in the back and the kids could sleep while we traveled. That
would be illegal today due to seat belt laws (which have saved a lot of lives).
Paul and sister Jo, with their grandmother
Ruby Barbour at church
Center in Broken Arrow (Tulsa), Oklahoma.
They married right after graduation.
Caleb and Samuel
Paul & Rebecca's Wedding
Sammy and Grandpa Danny Ricketts
Caleb, Grandpa and Sammy
Caleb with cousins Ryan and Joey
Caleb at Myrtle Beach, SC
Caleb & Sammy at Rhema
Tough-looking hombres, Caleb and Sammy
Sammy at Myrtle Beach
Grandpa Danny and Grandma Nancye with Caleb and Sammy in Oklahoma
Paul, Becca, Caleb & Sammy at Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Legacy of Reuben & Marie