William Ricketts (d.1832)
Ricketts (d. 1765) and Mary Catherine Ricketts.   William Ricketts, the grandson, died in 1832. We
don't know when he was born.

He was apparently married twice:

  1. William Ricketts' first marriage, possibly to Barsheba Nelson, was prior to 1789. This
    marriage produced at least four children (these were listed in his will as the older children):
  1. James Ricketts, who married Elizabeth Oakes on October 23, 1798.
  2. John Ricketts (died in 1815), who married Elizabeth "Betsy" Ivey on February15, 1800.
  3.  William Ricketts, who married Mary "Polly" (last name unknown) before 1806.
        They had eleven children and apparently went to Tennessee and then to Indiana by 1816.
d.   Sally Ricketts, who married a Mr. Arenduff.

William Ricketts second marriage was to Nancy Davis, daughter of William Davis, on  
June 4, 1789. They had at least four children:
  1. Reuben Ricketts
  2. Lucy Ricketts, who married Ambrose Jackson on September 20, 1832.
  3. Nathaniel Ricketts (My great, great grandfather)
  4. Thomas Ricketts.

William Ricketts' grandfather was also named William Ricketts. In his will that was proved on June
20, 1765, the grandfather gave his grandson William the estate lands. William sold 100 acres of
this land to William M. Nance for 61 pounds in 1786. He sold another 59 acres, described as being
on Young’s Creek and in both Pittsylvania and Henry Counties (Virginia), to Thomas Arthur in 1792.

He also surveyed 55 acres on White Oak Mountain in 1780. On June 20, 1786, he bought 150
acres of land adjoining the 55-acre tract. He lived on this 205-acre tract until he died in 1832.

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