Robert Daniel Ricketts & Nancye Barbour Ricketts
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ABOVE:  Nancye Ricketts with Bobby and JoAnn, camping in 1972.

RIGHT:  Marie (Jones) Ricketts with baby Danny Ricketts in 1941.

BELOW:  James Lynch and future wife Idella Ricketts often took
Idella's baby brother Danny Ricketts on their dates. The boy at left
was walking by with his pony and little Danny got to ride.
Our sons Bobby and Paul Ricketts playing in our front yard with some of the grandchildren.  Paul is holding his son Samuel, while
Bobby is taking a picture of Paul's other son Caleb. Joey (Bobby's son) is standing behind Paul.  Jo's son Ryan (olive green shirt) is
walking over to the group.  In the background: Nancye's nieces Sarah and Elizabeth Barbour,
Nancye's sister Joy Barbour, Rebecca Ricketts (Paul's wife).  2004.
About 1976 - The Ricketts Family: Danny, Bobby, JoAnn, Nancye, and Paul
ABOVE:  Danny Ricketts

LEFT:  Danny and Nancye Ricketts in
Nagpur, India in 2000.
On our screened porch in 2004:  Counter-clockwise from front:  Sarah Barbour, Sammy Ricketts, Joey Ricketts, Caleb Ricketts,
Elizabeth Barbour, Ryan Hill.  The boys are our grandsons and the girls are our nieces.
Danny Ricketts repairs a clock - Air Force basic training 1961
THE RICKETTS RIDERS:  Danny, Bobby & Nancye in Tulsa, Oklahoma - 1997
Front: Paul, Jo, Bobby.  Back: Nancye, her mother Ruby Barbour, Nancye's brother Dennis, Danny Ricketts
Reuben & Marie